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IMG_4108Our History

Originally set up as a local branch of the worldwide Toc H Organisation, the Derby Toc H Camp for Poor Boys began in 1924 and continued until 1940. There was a camp planned in that year but the tents were taken by the Home Guard and were not returned until the end of the Second World War.They were unusable and the Camp ceased until 1948 when it was reformed as ‘The Derby Toc H Camp for Boys’. This continued until 1989 when girls were accepted for the first time. It was then re-designated as ‘The Derby Toc H Children’s Camp’.

What does Toc H stand for?

The wider Toc H orgnisation first began in 1915 during the First World War. P1020659 (Copy)A young Army Chaplain named Reverend “Tubby” Clayton founded a rest house in the Belgian town of Poperinge, a few miles behind the front line trenches. Unlike other rest houses at the time entrance was only allowed if men abandoned their rank, making all men inside equal. This place was called Talbot House Our distinctive name comes from the initials of “Talbot House” in the Army phonetic alphabet.