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Nominate a Child?

The children who are invited to Derby Toc H   Camp are aged between 9 and 14 years. The majority are nominated by Derby City primary, junior and secondary schools . However, the camp also work closely with Derby city council children and young persons services, along with voluntary services- children first and home start  .

The invitations are sent out to all organisation around the Easter holidays with the hope of receiving the  children nominations back  around May. This is I n order for the camp staff to make contact with schools and agencies if further information is required .

Home visits will then be carried out by a member of the team in June . This will be the opportunity for parents/cares to ask any questions about the camp, and to be provided with the information and dates of the child’s holiday  .

Each school is given a number of free holiday places and they are asked to nominate the children who would benefit most.

If you have any further questions in regards to nominations  or want to refer a child, please email; schools@derbytochcamp.org.uk 

How do we help?

The children experience an exciting camping adventure in the Derbyshire countryside. Our team of volunteers carefully coordinate and run a wide variety of activities and provide encouragement and support so that every child gets the most out of their holiday.

Our extensive list of activities includes canoeing, cycling, swimming, rock climbing, sports, crafts, visiting local attractions, talent nights and camp fires. We aim to provide new experiences, build confidence, encourage team work and create thousands of happy memories.

What do the children get out of their holiday?

They get a much needed break. Even a short time away from home can be hugely beneficial for the child and their family. A chance to enjoy a fun holiday in a safe environment. Learning new skills and being celebrated for existing ones. Making new friends and trying new things. Creating thousands of precious childhood memories that will last a lifetime.