Derby Toc H Children’s Camp is a 100% volunteer-run charity committed to providing a FREE holiday for many of Derby City’s most deserving young children.

Our History

Derby Toc H was set up in 1915 during the First World War, by Reverend “Tubby” Clayton founded a rest house in the Belgian town of Poperinge, a few miles behind the front line trenches.

Unlike other rest houses at the time entrance was only allowed if men abandoned their rank, making all men inside equal. This place was called Talbot House, and which is where the distinctive name Toc H comes from – the initials of “Talbot House” in the Army phonetic alphabet. 

After the war, Tubby Clayton decided to recapture the spirit of great comradeship between men of all walks of life that had visited Talbot House. He took the initials of the house and used the army signaling ‘TOC ‘ which represents ‘T’ to create the TOC H movement which now has projects world wide. Derby Toc H Camp for Poor Boys begin in 1924, pausing briefly pausing during the Second World War, and became Derby Toc H Children’s Camp in 1989 when girls we accepted for the first time.

Our Summer Camp

A much needed holiday...

Our camp runs annually and supports approximately 130 children from the Derby area each year. The children are aged between 9 and 14 years and they are nominated by their schools, and are children who would not otherwise receive a holiday.

...with grand adventures...

The children experience an exciting camping adventure in the Derbyshire countryside. Our team of volunteers carefully coordinate and run a wide variety of activities and provide encouragement and support so that every child gets the most out of their holiday.

...making memories!

Our extensive list of activities includes canoeing, cycling, swimming, raft building, sports, crafts, visiting local attractions, talent nights and camp fires. We aim to provide new experiences, build confidence, encourage teamwork and create thousands of happy memories.