This page is for the most important part of our camp - YOU, the kids! We know you might have questions or want to find out more about what's in store at camp this year.

This might be the first time you are coming to Toc H, and we hope you are super excited but don’t worry if you are a little nervous. All of our staff will make sure you have lots of fun and have everything you need.

What Activities will I be doing?

We’re going to have the most exciting adventure at Derby Toc H Camp this year. We have so many activities, trips and games each day you’ll have so much to tell you family and friends about when you get home.

Trips – We’ll do trips to places Carsington to build water raft boats and go canoeing, and we’ll have a trip to Dovedale. We also go to the swimming baths (don’t worry if you can’t swim – we’ll just splash around and make loads of noise!), and at the end of the camp we’ll all go of to Alton Towers for the day. 

Onsite Activities – We have lots of activities that happen on our campsite which include archery, climbing, trampolining, parachute games, cooking (pizza, pancakes, smores!), outdoor movie nights and treasure hunts

Sports – We have loads of sports equipment and play loads of games at Camp. We have our own football nets in the middle of our camp, plus swingball, bats and balls, frisbees, snooker tables, and lots more!

Crafts – We know lots of you love to be creative, and so we have lots of crafts, paints and art supplies to keep you busy! We do things like jewellery making, paint a pot and badge making. And don’t worry we have lots of stickers, pompoms, glitter and feathers to make your creations look amazing!

Entertainment – Some evenings we have visitors who come in to perform shows, magic or even bring along animals for you to hold. We also have a talent show where you and your friends can perform to your favourite artists, dance, rap or even show off a new talent! On our last night we have a big disco, with a photo booth!

Theme Night – This is one of the best nights at the camp, where we have a party to a very special theme which is kept a secret each year (sshhh). Last year it was a barn dance, and we have also had Bollywood night, circus themes, sports day, and even Harry Potter!

What will we have to eat?

We have some of the yummiest, most delicious food on Camp – all freshly cooked for us by our super teams of cooks who work hard all week to keep our tums full!


We always start the day with a big breakfast so we don’t get hungry on any of our activities. You can have a choice of cereals and a cooked breakfast including things like bacon, eggs, sausages, hash browns and beans. You can have it all, or just the bits you like!


Depending on the day lunch could be jacket potatoes, pasta or sandwiches. You may also be eating the pizza you’ve made that morning or you could be having a picnic out on the field with your friends.


When we get back from our big adventure, walk or trip, the wonderful cooks on camp will serve us a yummy hot dinner – and pudding! – every tea time! This might be pasta, shepherds pie, fish and chips, chilli and rice, cheesy mashed potato (super yum!), a big roast dinner (on Sunday!) or even a BBQ.

Don’t worry if there is something you don’t like speak to one of our volunteers and we’ll make sure there is something yummy for you to eat. 

If you have a special diet – vegetarian, halal, etc – don’t worry! – our cooks will be making sure there’s always a delicious meal for everyone and will make sure there is always something suitable and yummy for you too. (Ask your helpers or the cooks if you’re not sure).

After dinner, we have a very exciting part to the day … TUCK SHOP! If you’ve been well behaved and helpful, you’ll be able to visit the Tuck Shop and get yourself a chocolate bar, sweet treat or fizz drink!

Where do I sleep?

On your Summer Camp holiday you’ll be sleeping in a big tent with 5 or 6 of your friends (girls share with girls, boys share with boys – Phew!). You’ll have a lovely comfy camping mat to sleep on, and if you haven’t got a sleeping bag, don’t worry we’ll give you a big thick one, and blankets to keep you snug and warm at night. To make it extra cosy – bring your favourite teddy bear with you

You’ll also have a light in your tent, just in case you need to run for a wee in the night! And if you have any problems at all during the night, there will always be helpers up and awake all through the night to check on you and to be there if you need anything or get a bit scared.